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A Study on the Revision of Man-day Cost Calculation Method for Information and Communication Facilities Construction Supervision (정보통신설비공사 감리대가 품셈개정에 관한 연구)

  • Lee, Jin-Ho;Kang, Byeong-Gwon
    • Journal of Convergence for Information Technology
    • /
    • v.10 no.2
    • /
    • pp.1-8
    • /
    • 2020
  • The standardized procurement of supervisory cost for the construction of domestic Information and Communication Technology(ICT) facilities, which is announced by the Korea Engineering and Construction Association in May 2009, has been applied in the public institutions and private industries. However, the previous standardized procurement is not widely applied in recent years because the ICT and social economic environment have been rapidly changed and the previous equations to calculate the supervisory cost is not simplified. As results, the needs for a new standardized procurement has been increased and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy has published a notice with new standard procurement. In this paper, we provide the explanation of the background and the derivation process of the notice based on authors' experiences of project participation. As research method, we compare the previous mad-day cost of ICT construction and that of another area including electric facility construction, and then we explain a new procurement equation based on WBS(Work Breakdown Structure).

건축 적산 자료

  • Jo, Jun-Hyeon
    • Korean Architects
    • /
    • no.9 s.150
    • /
    • pp.114-116
    • /
    • 1981
  • 건축공사의 적산은 제시된 설계도나 기지 시방서에 의하여 공종별로 수량을 산출하고 그 명 수량에 소요단가를 정한 금액을 합산하여 공사비를 적출하게 된다. 공사량을 적출하고 공사비를 계산하는데 있어 기본 지침서가 되는것은 정부(건설부)제정 건축적산비율 및 건설공사 표준품셈이 있다. 공종별로 주요하다고 생각되는 1981적용 건축적산비율의 내용과 적산하는데 필요한 자재의 규격 및 1981적용 건설공사 표준품셈을 근간으로한 일위대비표를 건축사 여러분이 실용함에 있어 다소나마 도움이 되지 않을까 생각되어 본지를 통해 소개한다. 본지의 지면관계상 상세하게 또한 전공종을 다 소개하지 못하는 것을 아쉽게 여기면서 지면이 허락하는데로 또한 자료가 정리되는데로 계속해서 소개해 드리고자 한다

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