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The perception of girls' middle & high school students in Seoul on the usage of trousers as school uniform (서울시 여자 중.고등학교 학생의 바지교복에 대한 착용실태 및 인식)

  • Kim, Sung-Sil;Shin, Hye-Won
    • Journal of Korean Home Economics Education Association
    • /
    • v.22 no.1
    • /
    • pp.137-148
    • /
    • 2010
  • The usage status of trousers as school uniform for girl's middle and high school students in Seoul and the perception on trousers as school uniform were analyzed. Students who wore 'skirts only' were the greatest and students who wore 'trousers only' were higher in the case of winter uniform than in summer uniform. The most popular reason to wear skirts was 'because most of their fellow students wore skirts' in both winter and summer. The main reason for wearing trousers was 'because it was easy to cope with changes in temperature' in winter and 'because it allowed more comfortable movements' in summer. Students who wore trousers were generally satisfied with wearing trousers as school uniforms. However, they showed a low degree of satisfaction about design and color of trousers. The students preferred slim and straight trousers, and black col or with beige and blue being the next color. Students in general had low level of recognition for the need to wear trousers. Students perceived trousers as being cold-proof and comfortable for physical activities. But they also perceived that trousers were not suitable for improving their appearances and expressing their characteristics. Especially, the students who wore trousers tended to think that trousers reduced their cares for their personal attire and that trousers were good for wearing after school, but the students who did not wear trousers were found to think contrary.

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The Study on the Scythian Costume III -Focaused on the Scythian of the Pazyryk region in Altai- (스키타이 복식 연구 III - 알타이 파지리크 지역 스키타이인을 중심으로 -)

  • Yi-Chang, Youngsoo
    • Fashion & Textile Research Journal
    • /
    • v.18 no.4
    • /
    • pp.424-437
    • /
    • 2016
  • The study will analyze the costumes of the Scythians tribes who lived in the region of Altai in the 3-5 century BC. The purpose of this study is to prepare new material to re-examine the theory, which claims that the origin of the circular motives of korean costumes are to be found in the typology of the Scythian costumes. In this study, we analyzed the most recent reports of archaeological excavation about the unearthed clothes in the Pazyryk region and compared its information with european literature. The conclusion of this study is as follows: The jackets of the Pazyryk region are classified in two types, (1) opened jacket with narrow sleeve and (2) enclosed jacket with narrow sleeve. Trousers were separated by (1) narrow and (2) extreme wide trousers. The enclosed jacket of tunic form and extreme wide trousers are newly excavated. It proves, there was a vivid exchange between the Scythians and their neighboring cultures. It can be noted, that there existed a diverse Scythian culture of costumes, besides the commonly known clothing culture of the "Pazyryk-rider". Based upon the results of the previous research, it can be said that the opened jacket with narrow sleeve and narrow trousers are costume typologies which are common for all Scythian tribes of the whole Eurasian region. The hem of the edge of jacket is proven to be a connective element, which is common to all Scythian tribes.