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A Study on the Activation of Crowdfunding for e-Commerce Trade Start-ups Investment (전자상거래 무역창업 투자를 위한 크라우드펀딩 활성화방안에 관한 연구)

  • Park, Jong Hyun
    • International Commerce and Information Review
    • /
    • v.18 no.2
    • /
    • pp.3-26
    • /
    • 2016
  • Crowdfunding is growing up SNS spread, raising funds from numerous people which are offering necessary funding of private and enterprise using the internet-based platforms. The function of crowdfunding uses innovative financing in being business and start-ups having difficulty in financing. Crowdfunding in our domestic is concentrated on culture and arts in the early adoption phase, and is numerous projects with public features. However, the investment case of crowdfundig in e-commerce trade start-ups is rarely in spite of a increased attention for crowdfunding.. The purpose of this study examined the factors to be considered when using successfully crowdfunding on e-commerce trade start-ups. This study is understanding the legal and policy of crowdfunding market status and other countries, and suggests the activation of the direction of government policy, legal system, and participation of financing suppliers and investors as activating the law and policy system related the crowdfunding on a domestic in terms of e-commerce trade start-ups investment.

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