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A precision analysis of Baengnyeongdo Multi-beam echosounder data using acoustic ray theory (음선이론을 이용한 백령도 부근해역 다중빔 수심측량 자료의 수직.수평 오차 분석)

  • You, Seung-Ki;Joo, Jong-Min;Choi, Jee-Woong;Kim, Young-Bae;Jung, Hyun;Kim, Seo-Cheol;Park, Sung-Kyeu
    • 한국지구물리탐사학회:학술대회논문집
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    • 2009.10a
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    • pp.167-173
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    • 2009
  • Bathymetry survey around the Baengnyeong-do was made by the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration (KHOA), using the Simrad EM3000 Multi-Beam EchoSounder (MBES) mounted at the hull of the R/V Badaro 1. Sound velocity were monitored with frequent sound velocity profiler(SVP) casts during the acoustic measurements. The depth distribution and fluctuation of thermocline varied locally owing to the effect of several current flows such as Kuroshio current and Yellow sea coastal waters. These uncertainties cause the falling-off in accuracy of MBES results. In this paper, the bathymetry results will be presented and their accuracy will be discussed along with comparisons to the time and spatial variations in sound velocity profile.

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