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Implementing an Integrated System for R&D Results Management (연구성과물 통합 관리 시스템 구현)

  • Shin, Sung-Ho;Um, Jung-Ho;Seo, Dong-Min;Lee, Seung-Woo;Choi, Sung-Pil;Jung, Han-Min
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.12 no.8
    • /
    • pp.411-419
    • /
    • 2012
  • In case that R&D results from R&D projects are well managed and archived, the research institutes can transfer the valuable technologies related to R&D results with some costs to corporations. However, it is still difficult to maintain and reuse R&D results because they are managed by each person or each department and not integrated between R&D results. Therefore, the government should undertake to manage R&D results overall by collecting meta data and distribute analyzed information from meta data. Each researching institute also makes an efforts to manage R&D results focusing on their reusing. For this purpose, in this paper, we present a process to manage R&D results; insert meta data of R&D results to the system, upload files of R&D results to the database of the system, inquire, and use meta data of R&D results. Based on the process, we design a system architecture for managing R&D results. In addition, it should be mainly considered to design a global schema for integrating R&D results into one database. The system shows detailed information on R&D results and provides R&D results conveniently to users. We expect that we may reduce the cost of reusing R&D results and improve the quality of R&D results with designing efficiently a process and a global schema of R&D result management system.