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Setences Extraction System using Automatic Division of Paragraph (단락 자동 구분을 통한 중요 문장 추출)

  • Kim, Kye-Sung;Lee, Hyun-Ju;Jung, Young-Giu;Seo, Youn-Kyoung;Son, Ki-Jun;Lee, Sang-Jo
    • Annual Conference on Human and Language Technology
    • /
    • 2000.10d
    • /
    • pp.233-237
    • /
    • 2000
  • 본 논문은 단락의 자동 구분을 통한 중요 문장 추출 시스템을 제안한다. 먼저 어휘의 재출현 여부와 어휘의 일치도, 어휘의 역할 변화를 파악하여 재출현 어휘에 대한 양상을 분석하고 이를 통하여 문장 간의 긴밀도를 정량적으로 계산한다. 다음으로 측정된 문장 간 긴밀도룰 이용하여 사용자의 추출 범위에 따라 단락을 구분하고, 각 단락의 대표 문장을 선정하여 최종문을 생성한다. 제안한 방법은 문서 제목, 문장의 위치, 수사 구조 등의 정보를 이용하지 않으며, 단순히 어휘의 출현 빈도만을 이용하던 기존의 통계적인 방법보다 질 높은 요약문을 생성할 수 있다. 또한 제안한 방법론은 본 논문이 대상으로 삼고 있는 신문기사의 영역뿐만 아니라 다른 영역으로의 적용이 가능하다.

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A Study on the Role of the National Police Agency Library Analyzed from a Macroscopic Perspective: Focusing on PEST Analysis (거시적 관점으로 분석한 경찰청 도서관 역할에 관한 연구: PEST 분석을 중심으로)

  • Roh, Yoon-ju
    • Journal of the Korean Society for information Management
    • /
    • v.38 no.2
    • /
    • pp.251-276
    • /
    • 2021
  • In 2021, the Korean National Police Agency is facing a critical time as it meets a period of drastic changes such as the introduction of autonomous police system, the reform of its criminal investigation system, and its great transformation to a truly responsible investigative agency in keeping with the inauguration of the National Office of Investigation. This study carries out PEST analysis, which is a macro environmental analysis technique, and examines the current situation of operating the libraries of metropolitan-city and provincial police agencies and affiliated institutions, in order to suggest the role and function of the Korean National Police Agency's libraries in the fourth industrial revolution era. Based on the findings, this study classifies the essential components of a library into facilities, books, and librarians, i.e. spatial composition, book composition, and human resources, in addition to library operational governance establishment and future-oriented library services; and proposes the future-oriented roles of the National Police Agency's libraries in the fourth industrial revolution era.

A Study on Introduction of Autonomous Police System in Korea (우리나라 실정에 맞는 자치경찰제 도입에 관한 연구)

  • Sung, Su-Young;Kim, Sang-Woon
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.19 no.4
    • /
    • pp.573-580
    • /
    • 2019
  • The purpose of this study is to establish the Police Reform Committee on May 10, 2017, with the aim of enforcing the nationwide autonomous police system in 2020. In addition, the government is promoting reforms of autonomous police and investigative structures, On April 5, 2018, a special committee of autonomous police system consisting of academics, civic groups, and legal professors was established. In 1991, the local council was established in Korea. In 1995, the local autonomous government era was launched with the election of local autonomous governors, but the field of security did not bring decentralization. This study suggests direction of organization and manpower management, personnel management and distribution, financial management, and political neutrality in order to introduce autonomous police system considering regional characteristics. Also, it should be promoted in the direction of maximizing the advantages of the decentralization system and national police without causing civil unrest and social disorder caused by the introduction of the rapid system. Self-governing police should reflect on the trend of autonomous decentralization in order to secure the Republic of Korea with a more secure policing policy, along with organic cooperation and mutual competition system with the national police.