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Child-rearing Experience of Ex-offenders' Wives: Focus on Developmental Stage of Children (남편의 수감 생활 및 출소 과정에서 경험하는 출소자 아내의 자녀양육: 자녀의 발달수준을 중심으로)

  • Jeon, Ji-Yeol;Lee, Dong-Hun;Yang, Ha-Na;Kim, Ju-Yeon
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.18 no.6
    • /
    • pp.1-26
    • /
    • 2018
  • This study examines 17 ex-offenders' wives who is receiving housing support from the Korea Rehabilitation Agency to understood the difficulties child-rearing experiences with the grounded theory. Based upon the research outcomes, supporting that needs for prisoners' wives who feel a huge burden on taking care of infants and preschool children by themselves was discussed. The prisoners' wives with children at school age and initial/middle adolescent need to get strong support due to not only the shock about husbands in prison but also the burden and stress that should follow the role as parents of students. Those late adolescent/adulthood who were supposed to follow their dreams, were required for their financial and emotional sacrifice. Result indicates children need to get support to form the right identity, not to get exhausted or shrink from being stigmatized and prejudiced as children of released prisoners.