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The Impact of Chinese Cultural Dispositions on the SNS eWOM Behavior (중국소비자의 문화성향이 SNSs 구전행동에 미치는 영향)

  • Lee, Youkyung
    • International Area Studies Review
    • /
    • v.15 no.3
    • /
    • pp.493-511
    • /
    • 2011
  • This study investigate the impacts of Chinese consumers' cultural dispositions on the WOM behaviors in SNS. Specifically, cultural dispositions in the individual-level, collectivism and uncertainty avoidance, were examined as potential predictors of eWOM behaviors in SNSs. Hypotheses are tested with a sample of 164 university students in Shanghai, China. The results of the structural equation analysis reveal that chinese consumers' collectivism in the individual-level positively affects the opinion seeking behavior. And chinese consumers' uncertainty avoidance in the individual-level positively affects the opinion seeking behavior and negatively affects the opinion giving behavior. Lastly, the opinion giving behavior positively affects the pass along behavior. Theoretical and managerial implications for Internet marketers in China were presented and discussed.

Chemical Compositions and Lead Isotopic Ratios of Bronze Spoons Excavated from Coastal Areas of Mado Island, Taean County (태안 마도해역 출수 청동숟가락의 성분조성과 납동위원소비)

  • Han, Woo Rim;Kim, So Jin;Hwang, Jin Ju
    • MUNHWAJAE Korean Journal of Cultural Heritage Studies
    • /
    • v.49 no.3
    • /
    • pp.4-11
    • /
    • 2016
  • This study compares eight bronze spoons in the Goryeo Dynasty and analyzes their components and lead isotopes in order to confirm the relationship between their production sites and excavation sites. Most of the excavated spoons have elliptical heads, and their handles are categorized into two types. Bronze spoons are made of binary Cu-Sn alloys, but Pb is not added. The same artifacts can have different trace elements depending on location, and the spoons had high Ag content. According to an analysis of their lead isotopic ratio, they were made with raw materials produced in Zone 3 of the South Korean galena map. If the data of the trace elements in the raw ores of the bronze is accumulated, it can be used to indicate the provenance of the artifacts.

A Stuty on the Effect of How Silgyeong(Scenic Background) Musical Influence to Local Level Community of Andong (실경뮤지컬이 지역 사회에 미치는 영향 연구 - 안동시를 중심으로 -)

  • Kim, Sunghak;Kim, Hyen Ki;Kim, Joonhan;Lee, Minseok;Uom, Chun Hyong
    • Proceedings of the Korea Contents Association Conference
    • /
    • /
    • pp.299-300
    • /
    • 2012
  • 최근 지역에서 문화소비가 아닌 문화생산적인 마인드로 지역단위로 문화콘텐츠가 제작되고 있다. 문화콘텐츠는 지역민들에게 자부심과 정체성을 심어주고 문화소비를 촉진시키고 있다. 경상북도 안동시는 2009년부터 사모, 락, 부용지애, 왕의 나라 등 실경 콘텐츠가 실제 제작 및 운영이 되면서 도시 브랜드화와 관광수입을 통한 지역문화산업이 두각을 나타내고 있다. 이를 통해 실경공연이 주는 파급효과와 한계점을 분석하고 차후 발전 전략을 알아보고자 한다.

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