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A Service Facilities Evaluation of Inland River Cruise Ship by Pre-Post Comparison Based on IPA Methods (IPA분석방법에 의한 내륙연안 크루즈선의 서비스시설 사전-사후 비교 평가)

  • Wang, YiJue;Zhang, YunYao;Park, Keun-Soo
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.19 no.9
    • /
    • pp.521-534
    • /
    • 2019
  • From the day of luxurious inland river cruise ship started in Chongqing, China, the controversy is continuous; some people think those luxurious cruise ships on inland river might reduce the experience to enjoy the scenery of the Three Gorges, while some people think, which could improve the experience. In the study, the service facilities provided by luxurious inland river cruise ship will be evaluated by Pre-Post comparison based on IPA methods. After a review of the service facilities provided by luxurious inland river cruise ship running on Three Gorges areas. The tourists who would take the trip were asked to fill an questionnaire to examine the desired service facilities performance, which represents the highest level of the service facilities of the cruise ship that is expected by customers. After the trip, they were asked again to fill another questionnaire to examine the importance of service facilities and the performance of service. Pre-Post comparison would be examined to tell whether there is any change between pre and post experience. IPA would be used to evaluate the service facilities provided by inland river cruise ship. At last, some strategic suggestions to the development of inland river cruise ship are made.