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A Review of the Vegan Fashion Category and a Practical Plan for Ethical Consumption (비건 패션의 범주와 실천 방안 모색)

  • Bae, Soojeong
    • Journal of Fashion Business
    • /
    • v.24 no.2
    • /
    • pp.68-84
    • /
    • 2020
  • The purpose of this thesis is to suggest a Practical Plan for ethical consumption by reviewing the category of Vegan Fashion and investigating its Social Value of vegan fashion. This will be achieved through investigating the papers and official home pages of 13 selected Vegan Fashion brands. It was found that in terms of use of materials such as leather, fur and organic fibers the brands can be divided into three sections: fur-free, cruelty-free and perfect vegan. A Practical Plan is suggested based on the aspects of production, consumption, distribution and education. Firstly, the provider should be required to understand vegan materials deeply, it is also desirable for them to get vegan certifications. Secondly, the seller should also understand about vegan materials, and be able to explain this to consumers. The education from the seller is vital and the meaning of logos and associated contents used by the label should be clearly explained to consumers. Thirdly, the association of consumers, and fashion brands should cooperate to enhance the level of general understanding in society further, this should influence new laws, that address ethical issues regarding the use of fur in fashion. Environmental problem of the future might be reduced if the stakeholders in Vegan Fashion are cooperatively and actively trying to educate the general population and make Vegan Fashion popular and ethical consumption popular.