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A Coordination Agent Model based on Extracting Similar Information (유사 정보 추출에 기반한 조성 에이전트 모델)

  • 양소진;이현수;오경환
    • Korean Journal of Cognitive Science
    • /
    • v.12 no.1_2
    • /
    • pp.55-63
    • /
    • 2001
  • Speaking generally, agent-based technology is a kind of technology to handle the flood of information resulted from the popularization of the internet. Agent system is a multi-distributed system which consists of both homogeneous and heterogeneous agents. Generally there is a coordination agent in between which is in charge of control and m message flow among the application agents. The purpose of this thesis is to propose a coordination method among agents, some of which provide informations and some of which request them. In multi-agent system, the Information Providing Agent(IPA) registers its capabilities to Coordination Agent(CA) and the Information Requesting Agent(lRA) requests CA what it needs. To coordinate them with satisfactory results the coordination agent ought to have an ability to return a relatively proper data to the requester which is supposed to be similar even though it is not so exact as was intended. For this, this thesis proposes a scheme for an coordination agent to find an IPA which provides an information which correlates most closely with that of IRA.

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