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Comparative Analysis of the Sediment Transport Region based on the Lagrangian Concept (Lagrangian 개념에 의한 부유토사 확산범위 비교분석)

  • Cho, Hong-Yeon;Kim, Chang-Il;Lee, Khil-Ha
    • Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers
    • /
    • v.19 no.2
    • /
    • pp.105-112
    • /
    • 2007
  • Sediment transport model based on the Lagrangian concept considering the grain size distribution(GSD) was setup and the change of the sediment diffusion range was analysed in the condition of considering and not considering the GSD. The GSD curve is assumed as the Log-normal distribution function in order to consider the GSD with respect to the Lagrangian concept and the random numbers, i.e. sediment particles, are generated based on the distribution function. The sediment particles is assumed as the spherical type and the random numbers based on the sediment weight is converted to the sediment diameters. Sediment transport patterns are analysed by the settling simulation, in which the settling velocity is computed by the van Rijn formulae and the horizontal diffusion coefficient is used as the constant parameter. The diffusion patterns are very similar to the patterns with GSD condition. The diffusion range defined as the range including 90%, 99% sediment weight of the total sediment weight, however, is larger than without considering GSD condition in 90%-option and shorter than with considering GSD condition in 99-option, respectively. The diffusion range is defined as tile p-percentage of the cumulative sediment weight region with reference to the 50% region, 90%- option, 99%-option, respectively.