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Perception on the Nursing Accident Experience of the Nurses and Its Cause (간호사(看護師)들의 간호사고(看護事故) 경험(經驗)과 사고원인(事故原因)에 관한 지각(知覺))

  • Lee, Soon-Bok;Moon, Heui-Ja
    • Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing Administration
    • /
    • v.1 no.2
    • /
    • pp.246-267
    • /
    • 1995
  • Recently the request of the patients to participate in the medical courses has been expanding due to the elevated sense of right on the people's health, merchandised medical treatment by mass supply, human right declaration of the patients, generalized medical informations by the mass media and the change of human relation between the medical personnels and the patients. Under these phenomena the patients have been in the thought of solving such accidents only by regulation of the laws which they think to be all powerful, Such trends are same in the area of nursing service. Also today the accident by the nurses have been increasing by the area of the nurses having been expanded and their independent roles having been increased. Such nursing accidents are the important subject which the professional occupation of the nurse has been facing but legal protective capability of the nurses has been very weak. Therefore this study has examined the degree of the experience of the nursing accident that happens in the clinical nursing scenes in the general hospital to provide the basic materials for the protection and the counter measures of the nursing accident. The following is the conclusion based by the above examination. 1) The experience degree of the whole nursing accidents has been appeared as 1.90 in average. And the degree according to service area has been 1.77 in the area of supervising management of patients, 1.54 in the area of the same management of patients by head-nurses, 1.84 in the area of doctors' treatment performances, 14 in the enforcement and education areas of the nursing technology, 2.04 in the area of observing patients and judgement and 2.07 in the area of nursing records and maintaining confidentials. Accordingly there has been higher degree of accidental experiences in the independent service areas of the patients than in the dependent ones directed by the doctors. 2) The perception of the nurses showed that the cause of the nursing accident has been due to the heavy work of the nurses with the 60.4% of the response rate, the highest rate. They report the accident to the head nurse first by 2/3 nurses after accident. And the hour of the accident has been frequently happened regardless of service hours with 48.1% in response rate, the highest rate, and the nursing accident happens in the night more than the daytime with the rate of 37.5% at night while 14. 4% daytime. 3) The nurses are in the perception that the patients are responsible for the accident with 48.2% response rate while 43.9% rate in response showed that it has been caused by many people. They are in the perception that 41.7% when the nursing power was lacking, 46.7% lower recognition of actual state about indivitual patient in the section of technical speciality and 35.8% when the patients were not cooperative and 37.8% when the wards were dirty and in disorder. 4) the attitude of the patients after the various nursing accidents has been violent words in 72.7%, violence in 17.4% and 3.9% in attending the court by the sue of the patient's side(18 nurses). 5) The action of the hospital has been : requesting the submission of the story of the accident in 22.8%, the report of the accidents in 14.4%, thus the written statement disposal was most, 4.5% was the transfer to the other departments when the accident was larger or the patients' guardians protested strongly and 0.6% of the dismissals of the nurses. 6) In regard to the responsiblity of the nurse accidents, 78.9% was the highest rate of supplying the nursing manpowers, 48.4% of mutual cooperation of the medical personnels, 37.2% of strengthening the education for the nurses and hospital facilities reformation in 32.7%. 7) The review of relation between the general characters of the object of the study and the degree of experience of nursing accidents showed the significant differences in ages (F=4.04, p=0.000).

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