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High Quality and High Yielding Rice Variety 'Cheongdam' Adaptable to Direct Seeding (고품질 다수성 직파재배적성 신품종 '청담벼')

  • Choi, Im-Soo;Kang, Kyung-Ho;Jeong, O-Young;Jeong, Eung-Gi;Cho, Young-Chan;Kim, Yeon-Gyu;Kim, Myeong-Ki;O, Myeong-Gyu;Choi, In-Bea;Jeon, Yong-Hee;Won, Young-Jae;Shin, Young-Seoup;Oh, In-seok
    • Korean Journal of Breeding Science
    • /
    • v.43 no.6
    • /
    • pp.581-586
    • /
    • 2011
  • 'Cheongdam' is a japonica rice variety developed from a cross between SR19200-HB826-34, a line of good germination ability and shoot emergence at low temperature and Juanbyeo, good quality and direct-seeding adaptable cultivar by the rice breeding team of National Institute of Crop Science, RDA in 2006. This variety has 153 days of total growth duration from seeding to maturity in direct-seeding, and 160 days of growth duration from seeding to maturity in transplanting. This is erect plant type with culm length of 74 cm, thick culm, and green leaves. It has large panicle shape with 126 and 140 spikelets per panicle in direct-seeding and transplanting, respectively. Milled rice is transluscent and medium in grain size of non-glutinous endosperm. This variety is susceptible to leaf and neck blast, bacterial blight, stripe virus disease and brown planthopper. The yield potential of 'Cheongdam' is 5.84 MT/ha at ordinary transplanting culture and 5.62 MT/ha and 5.89 MT/ha at wet direct-seeding and dry direct-seeding cultures, respectively in the local adaptability test for three years. 'Cheongdam' would be adaptable to middle and southern plain of Korea for direct-seeding culture and transplanting rice culture.