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Performance Evaluation of Several Radon Detectors in the Standard Chamber and Dwellings (라돈 표준실과 가옥 내에서 일부 라돈검출기에 대한 성능 평가)

  • Yoon, Seok-Won;Kim, Yong-Jae;Chang, Byung-Uck;Byun, Jong-In;Yun, Ju-Yong
    • Journal of Radiation Protection and Research
    • /
    • v.33 no.4
    • /
    • pp.173-181
    • /
    • 2008
  • To ensure the performance of radon detectors, three passive radon detectors ($RadTrak^{(R)}$, $Radopot^{(R)}$, and $E-PERM^{(R)}$)have been reviewed. The difference ratios of RadTrak and Radopot tested in the radon standard chamber were -13.2% and -6.0%, respectively, which were in good accordance within 20% of the value measured by $AlphaGUARD^{(R)}$. To ensure the performance of the long term measurement, the 3 detectors were installed at the same position of approximately one hundred of dwellings for one year. The correlation curve between RadTrak and Radopot shows good agreement with a correlation coefficient ($R^2$) of 0.91. However, The correlation curve between E-PERM and Radopot shows bad agreement ($R^2$ = 0.021). In addition, the distribution map of annual mean indoor gamma dose rate measured with E-PERM was not in accordance with the distribution map of outdoor gamma dose rate measured by Portable Ion Chamber. According to the results, some requisites for the selection of the radon passive detectors in the large-scale indoor radon survey were discussed.