Study of the Environment Priority Facility Operation Concept of 500MW Standard Coal Thermal Power Plant

500MW 표준석탄화력발전소의 환경안전우선 설비운영개념 도입방안 고찰

  • Lee, Kab-Ju (KEWP) ;
  • Chung, Jin-Do (Hoseo University) ;
  • Kim, San (Hoseo University)
  • 이갑주 (한국동서발전) ;
  • 정진도 (호서대학교 대학원) ;
  • 김산 (호서대학교 대학원)
  • Received : 2022.03.22
  • Accepted : 2022.06.13
  • Published : 2022.06.30


In korea, 500MW standard coal fired power plants were designed and operated for the initial base load, so facility stability was prioritized from facility problem to treatment, but now we needed to research for minimizing greehouse gas emissions at the operation of coal fired power plants. research on various facilities and technologies was actively conducted to reduce environment pollutants was drastically reduced, but research and attempts on coping measures in the event of a reduction facility problem were in sufficient. this study considered investigated ways to minimized pollutants by quickly responding to logic development and application of the load runback concept in case of serious problems with environmental pollutant reduction facilities such as NOx reduction selective catalytic reduction facilities, SOx reduction wet flue gas desulpherisation facilities, and TSP(Total Suspended Particles) collection low temperature electric precipitator.



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