Model-based Analysis to Improve the Safety of Urban Logistics System Using Vacant Space

유휴공간을 활용한 도시물류 시스템의 안전성 향상을 위한 모델기반 분석

  • Park, Jae-Min (Department of Systems Engineering, AJOU University) ;
  • Kim, Joo-Uk (Advanced Logistics System Department, Korea Railroad Research Institute) ;
  • Kim, Young-Min (Department of Systems Engineering, AJOU University)
  • 박재민 (아주대학교 시스템공학과) ;
  • 김주욱 (한국철도기술연구원 미래교통물류연구소 첨단물류시스템연구실) ;
  • 김영민 (아주대학교 시스템공학과)
  • Received : 2022.01.06
  • Accepted : 2022.03.16
  • Published : 2022.03.31


The growth of the online market is accelerating due to the development of technology and the pandemic era. The delivery service through the courier must be used to deliver the ordered goods to the customer through the online market. With the growth of the online market, the logistics market for delivery is also growing. The traffic and environmental problems are emerging as social issues. Urban logistics technology using underground space based on the urban railway developed to improve logistics efficiency in a metropolitan area and a new alternative to environmental problems. This study proposed a plan to secure system safety through safety analysis based on operational concept definition and scenario analysis by applying model-based perspective analysis to the system under development.



본 연구는 국토교통부/국토교통과학기술진흥원의 지원에 의하여 수행되었음(21HCLP-C162730-01).


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