Strengthening BCP for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases in Companies

기업의 감염병 예방을 위한 BCP 강화방안 연구

  • Kim, Young-Kook (Disaster safety management major, University of DanKook) ;
  • Jeong, Kyung-Ok (Disaster safety management major, University of DanKook) ;
  • Yang, Kyung-Ah (Disaster safety management major, University of DanKook)
  • 김영국 (단국대학교 경영대학원 재난안전경영전공) ;
  • 정경옥 (단국대학교 경영대학원 재난안전경영전공) ;
  • 양경아 (단국대학교 경영대학원 재난안전경영전공)
  • Received : 2021.06.28
  • Accepted : 2021.09.28
  • Published : 2021.09.30


As the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is not decreasing, it is time for domestic companies to respond preemptively and in terms of business continuity. The purpose of this study is to present measures to strengthen BCP to prevent infectious diseases in the enterprise. In this work, three methods of data investigation are used. The first was to search for keywords in academic databases such as the National Assembly Library and the Korea Research and Information Service to investigate degree papers and academic papers. Second, we investigated literature such as research reports, manuals, and guidelines on infectious diseases. Finally, the researchers visited official websites such as KDCA, MOHW, and MOIS to collect and analyze recent data. BCP In view of the Board, a new risk analysis should be made and a disaster preparedness system tailored to the characteristics of the entity should be established. We need to analyze corporate weaknesses and focus on safety culture. It is also important to look at how customers choose their services and products. Based on this, differentiated service strategies should be presented. It is hoped that the results of this study can be used as basic data for companies that want to systematically manage and operate BCP to prevent infectious diseases.