Analysis of the prescription for persons of Taiyin constitution (太陰人 Tae-eum) in the herbal formulas and cases found in classic texts

태음인 처방의 본초 조합 용례 분석 - 중요 고문헌을 중심으로 -

  • Kim, SungWon (Dept. of Medical Classics and History, College of Korean Medicine, Dong-Guk University) ;
  • Kim, KiWook (Dept. of Medical Classics and History, College of Korean Medicine, Dong-Guk University)
  • 김성원 (동국대학교 한의과대학 원전.의사학교실) ;
  • 김기욱 (동국대학교 한의과대학 원전.의사학교실)
  • Received : 2020.04.24
  • Accepted : 2020.05.22
  • Published : 2020.05.31


Purpose : This study compares prescriptions in the 1901 edition of the Donguisusebowon (東醫壽世保元) and the 1901 edition of 24 Revised Tae-eum constitution prescriptions (新定太陰人病應用要藥二十四方) (1901PCDT) with medical herbs found in classical texts. This study also examines whether to include patterns which compose medical herbs for the person of Tae-eum constitution (太陰人). Method : The prescriptions for Tae-eum-in in the Shinchukbon and the ingredients of medical herbs of the prescriptions of the Complete Works of Zhang Jingyue (景岳全書), Secret Works of Universal Benefit (廣濟秘笈), Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine (東醫寶鑑), Comprised Edition for Formulas (方藥合編), Protecting Essence for Longevity (壽世保元), Introduction to Medicine (醫學入門), New Book for Saving People (濟衆新編 ENGLISH), and Compendium of Local Medicinals and Formulas (鄕藥集成方) were input into a database. The prescriptions were examined and combinations of medical herbs used to treat the person of Tae-eum constitution were noted. Result : Among the prescriptions for the person of Tae-eum constitution, similar examples of the 17 prescriptions of Kudzu Decoction to Relieve the Muscles (葛根解肌湯), Regulate the Stomach and Coordinate the Purity Decoction (調胃升淸湯), Clear the Heart and Lotus Pip Decoction (淸心蓮子湯), Decoction for Stabilizing Asthma with Ephedra (麻黃定喘湯), Profuse Heat and Sparse Cold Decoction (熱多寒少湯), Decoction for Coordinating Qi with Kudzu (葛根承氣湯), Major Decoction for Coordinating Qi with Kudzu (葛根大承氣湯), Minor Decoction for Coordinating Qi with Kudzu (葛根小承氣湯), Decoction for Dispersing the Exterior with Ephedra (麻黃發表湯), Boost the Lung Essence Decoction (補肺元湯), Major Supplementing Decoction with Deer Antler Velvet (鹿茸大補湯), Boosting Black Essence Pill (拱辰黑元丹), Honeylocust Fruit and Rhubarb Decoction (皂角大黃湯), Kudza and Duckweed Decoction (葛根浮萍湯), Sweet Flag and Polygala Powder (石菖蒲遠志散), Liriopis and Polygala Decoction Powder (麥門冬遠志散), and Cattle Gallstone Formula to Clear the Heart (牛黃淸心元) were found in important ancient literature and Dried Chestnut and Holotrichia Decoction (乾栗蠐螬湯) and Dried Chestnut and Tree of Heaven Root Bark Decoction (乾栗樗根皮湯) are the combination originally set by Lee Jema. Conclusion : Because 70.8% of the prescriptions in 1901PCDT could be found in literature which were pervasive in the period of the Joseon Dynasty (the period of Ming and Qing), it corresponds with Lee Jema's view that medical men in the Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties disclosed half of the prescriptions for Tae-eum person by studying these texts more.