Copidognathus daguilarensis (Acari: Halacaridae), a New Record of the Copidognathus gibbus Group from Korea

  • Lee, Jimin (Marine Ecosystem Research Center, Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology) ;
  • Shin, Jong Hak (Department of Biological Science, Daegu University) ;
  • Chang, Cheon Young (Department of Biological Science, Daegu University)
  • Received : 2020.03.02
  • Accepted : 2020.04.08
  • Published : 2020.04.30


A halacarid species of the genus Copidognathus is newly reported from Korea: C. daguilarensis Bartsch, 1997, which was described from Hong Kong. It is redescribed herein with detailed illustrations. Korean specimens coincide well with the original description, however, they showed two minor morphological discrepancies from it: quite shorter second palpal segment than the fourth and a modified dorsal seta on the second palpal segment. Korean specimens were rather smaller than the type specimens from Hong Kong, however, they did not show significant differences in the length to width ratios of important body parts. The number of perigenital setae was more variable in the Korean males, ranged 24-29 setae, versus 25-26 in Hong Kong's. Copidognathus daguilarensis is reported for the first time outside the type locality, and joins as the second member of the gibbus group in the northwest Pacific.


Supported by : Daegu University


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