Six New Species of Two Genera Dysidea and Pleraplysilla (Demospongiae: Dictyoceratida: Dysideidae) from Korea

  • Received : 2020.02.03
  • Accepted : 2020.04.08
  • Published : 2020.04.30


Six new species of two genera Dysidea and Pleraplysilla (Demospongiae: Dictyoceratida: Dysideidae) are described from Jejudo Island, Dokdo Island and Guryongpo, Korea. Among them, five new species of the genus Dysidea are compared with other reported species in fibres structure, cored detritus and fibres arrangement. Dysidea niveus n. sp. is characterized by thin collagenous plate-like fibres. Dysidea dokdoensis n. sp. is similar to D. geomunensis Kim et al., 2020 in skeletal structure, but differs in length of surface conules. Dysidea hydra n. sp. is similar to D. mureungensis Kim et al., 2020 at the surface, but differs in fibres cored with spicules. Dysidea sabulum n. sp. is similar to D. glavea Kim et al., 2020 in cored large sands in fibres, but differs in having numerous large sands cored in fibres throughout the sponge. Dysidea hirsuta n. sp. is unique, only surface fibres cored with large sands but not in choanosome. A new species of genus Pleraplysilla, P. flabellum n. sp. is compared with seven other reported species. This new species is not encrusting but has a thick flabellate shape.


Supported by : National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea (MABIK)


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