Contemporary Application of General Foch's Military Thought

1차대전 연합군 총사령관 포슈 장군 군사사상의 현대적 함의

  • Lim, Jong-Wha (Department of Chinese Studies, Chungwoon University)
  • 임종화 (청운대학교 중국지역학과)
  • Received : 2020.04.01
  • Accepted : 2020.04.27
  • Published : 2020.04.30


The purpose of this article is to analyse the military thought of Ferdinand Foch and to present its contemporary meanings. 1.Foch's life: Since 1871 to end of World War I, he acted as a military philosopher, battle field commander, and Supreme Commender of the Unified Forces so as to be judged as Clausewitz of the 20th century. 2. Historical Background of Foch's Activity Period : The series of the domestic revolutions after Napoleon's downfall were extended to Europe for independence, unification and overseas colonial wars. Thus Foch's growing and acting period was in totally imminent danger at all fields. 3. Foch's Military Thought : Through his three books, he argued cleary the absolute importance of the immaterial power including the technical esteem and the offensive fighting will for the victory. 4. The Contemporary Application of Foch's Thought : Though the operation plan based on Foch's strategic thought was defeated at the early stage of the World War I, its offensive-oriented immaterial spirit power should be remembered. 5. Conclusion : Foch's thought which develops the penetration through the war history and emphasizes the importance of the immaterial power should be highly appraised. Thus it should be also reinterpreted and redeveloped into a modern contemporary meaning.


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