The Literature Study about the Origin of Sipgan-Sipiji

십간십이지의 기원에 관한 문헌적 고찰

  • Received : 2020.01.03
  • Accepted : 2020.01.16
  • Published : 2020.01.31


The purpose of this paper is to find out the origin and significance of Sipgan-Sipiji that Yinyang and five elements are assigned. By looking at the hypotheses that Sipgan-Sipiji may have originated from the ancient Chinese calendar, the contents of the materials recorded in the classical literature, and the records left in the Oracle bone script, we wanted to explore the starting point of Sipgan-Sipiji in Eastern humanities and social sciences that could never be overlooked. Through the literature review of Sipgan-Sipiji, the researcher believes that this code system was completed by Hwangje and his teacher Daeyo, who led paternal clan society in the latter part of the Chinese Neolithic Age, because of supporting the use of the October calendar associated with Sipgan, and because Sipgan in the Oracle bone script seems to keep the sacredness and at the same time to be used to document the time. I believe that this consideration of Sipgan-Sipiji will be helpful for future related research in the process of underlying the research effort of Myeongri Science, such as the security of the logic of the theoretical framework for the theory system and the proof through statistical social science techniques.


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