User Preference for Improved Remodeling of Arcade in Traditional Market - Based on user surveys in Daegu Seomun Market -

전통시장 아케이드 공간의 리모델링을 위한 이용자 태도에 관한 연구 - 대구서문시장 이용자 설문을 바탕으로 -

  • 김경임 (경북대학교 건축학과 공공디자인 연구실 대학원) ;
  • 이정호 (경북대학교 건축학과)
  • Received : 2019.09.29
  • Accepted : 2020.01.12
  • Published : 2020.01.30


Fifteen years after the modernization of traditional markets, commercial facilities and some 1,000 markets across the country contacted arcade operators, there are no specific guidelines on installation standards, exact guidelines for public facilities, and guidelines on law, maintenance and management yet. Therefore, it is necessary to derive a plan that reflects the mindset of the market project and the users as basic planning data for making arcade remodeling of traditional markets more advanced. As a research method, case studies and surveys were conducted and the details are as follows. Through the case study, this study drew suggestions that were available and needed in Korea on the planning plan of arcade space in the developed traditional market and conducted user preference. The survey participants are 150 users of Daegu seomun market. In addition, the survey contents are approached with the concept of remodeling remuneration, so the total number of questions is 47 including 'accessibility', 'comfort', 'openness', 'safety' and 'integrity', which are five elements of the arcade plan. The survey method assessed the importance and satisfaction of each questionnaire on a 5-point scale, and the survey results were compared with technical statistics and means using the SPSS statistics package. The results of user awareness and image survey, in which the installation and remodeling of the ventilation system of the crosshairs are mentioned in the event of fire or in the case of daily ventilation, are important factors in safety. The user-conscious survey, analyzed in 'integrity', indicates that the use of multi-purpose space is required, and that the layout of street stalls and parking and user movements should be integrated. Mac of this study is going to present direction of remodeling plan and behavior analysis by analyzing user preference data for advanced remodeling of arcade in traditional markets.


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