Review of Waste Acceptance Criteria in USA for Establishing Very Low Level Radioactive Waste Acceptance Criteria in the 3rd Step Landfill Disposal Site

국내 극저준위방폐물 처분시설 인수기준 마련을 위한 미국 처분시설의 인수기준 분석

  • Received : 2019.10.07
  • Accepted : 2020.03.06
  • Published : 2020.03.30


According to the Korea Radioactive Waste Agency's (KORAD's) medium and low level radioactive waste management implementation plan, the Domestic 3rd Step Landfill Disposal Facility has planned to accept a total of 104,000 drums (2 trenches) of very low level radioactive waste (VLLW), from the decommissioning site from April 2019 - February 2026 (total budget: 224.6 billion Won). Subsequently, 260,000 drums (5 trenches) will be disposed in a 34,076 ㎡. Accordingly, KORAD is preparing a waste acceptance criteria (WAC) for this facility. Every disposal facility for VLLW in other countries such as France and Spain, operate their WAC for each VLLW facility with a reasonable application approach, This, paper focuses on analyzing the WAC conditions in VLLW sites in the USA and discusses whether these can be met in domestic VLLW WAC. It also helps in the preparation of WAC for the 3rd Step Landfill Disposal Site in Gyeongju, since the USA has prior experience on decommissioning nuclear waste.


Supported by : 한국에너지기술평가원


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