Analysis of porous micro sandwich plate: Free and forced vibration under magneto-electro-elastic loadings

  • Mohammadimehr, Mehdi (Department of Solid Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan) ;
  • Meskini, Mohammad (Department of Solid Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan)
  • Received : 2019.04.14
  • Accepted : 2019.10.26
  • Published : 2020.01.25


In this study, the free and forced vibration analysis of micro sandwich plate with porous core layer and magneto-electric face sheets based on modified couple stress theory and first order shear deformation theory under simply supported boundary conditions is illustrated. It is noted that the core layer is composed from balsa wood and also piezo magneto-electric facesheets are made of BiTiO3-CoFe2O4. Using Hamilton's principle, the equations of motion for micro sandwich plate are obtained. Also, the Navier's method for simply support boundary condition is used to solve these equations. The effects of applied voltage, magnetic field, length to width ratio, thickness of porous to micro plate thickness ratio, type of porous, coefficient of porous on the frequency ratio are investigated. The numerical results indicate that with increasing of the porous coefficient, the non-dimensional frequency increases. Also, with an increase in the electric potential, the non-dimensional frequency decreases, while and with increasing of the magnetic potential is vice versa.


Supported by : University of Kashan


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