Shield TBM trouble cases review and parameter study for the cause analysis

쉴드 TBM 트러블 사례 및 매개변수 연구를 통한 원인 분석

  • Koh, Sungyil (SEOHA Engineering Co., Ltd.) ;
  • La, You-Sung (Dept. of Geotech and Tunnel, SEOHA Engineering Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Kim, Bumjoo (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dongguk University)
  • 고성일 ((주)서하기술단) ;
  • 나유성 ((주)서하기술단 지반터널부) ;
  • 김범주 (동국대학교 건설환경공학과)
  • Received : 2020.02.14
  • Accepted : 2020.03.20
  • Published : 2020.03.31


Shield TBM tunneling, used in the construction of Seoul subway line 7 and line 9, has been well known as a very efficient, as well as safe, tunneling method. Although the Shield TBM method has been known to be effectively used in poor ground conditions, a number of troubles have occurred during the use of the shield TBM, due to inappropriate machine selection, machine breakdown, and unpredicted ground conditions etc. In this study, several accidents and trouble cases occurred during excavation by Shield TBM, reported from Japan, were investigated. A series of numerical analysis was then performed to compare with the trouble cases and back-analysis results for the cause analysis. The lessons learned from the case studies are presented at the end.


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