The Effect of Social Support on Service Quality of Youth Training Facility Employees in Internet of Thing Environment: The Mediating Effect of Empowerment

사물인터넷 환경에서 청소년수련시설 종사자의 사회적 지지가 서비스 질에 미치는 영향: 임파워먼트의 매개효과 중심으로

  • Youn, Ki-Hyok (Department of Social Welfare, Tongmyong University) ;
  • Lee, Jin-Yoel (Department of Social Welfare, Pusan National University)
  • 윤기혁 (동명대학교 사회복지학과) ;
  • 이진열 (부산대학교 사회복지학)
  • Received : 2020.01.10
  • Accepted : 2020.02.24
  • Published : 2020.03.31


This study was intended to verify the parameter effects of empowerment in the effect of social support of the employees of youth training facilities on the quality of service. The purpose of this study was to provide basic data for improving the service quality of youth training facility workers. As a result of this study, first, social support and empowerment had a positive effect on service quality. Second, the partial mediating effect of empowerment can be confirmed. Based on the results of this study, the following suggestions were made. First, for the social support of the employees, the middle managers and facility managers of youth training facilities should use the Internet environment such as the Internet and smart phones. Second, in order to improve empowerment, support for information related to work, material support related to compensation, and evaluation support related to business processing should be provided. Third, to improve the empowerment of workers, it is necessary to augmented reality(AR), virtual reality(VR), and flip learning program using the Internet of Things environment.


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