Solubility of Nifedipine in Mixed Solvents and Antisolvent Crystallization

혼합용매에 대한 니페디핀의 용해도와 반용매 결정화

  • 강미영 (다이텍 연구원) ;
  • 여상도 (경북대학교 공과대학 화학공학과)


In this study, the solubilities of a pharmaceutical compound, nifedipine, in three mixed solvents were determined. In addition, the nifedipine, that was dissolved in solvents (acetone, DMF, methylene chloride), was recrystallized using antisolvents (water, hexane, carbon dioxide) The external shape, size, and melting point of the crystallized nifedipine were measured. As the mixed solvents, acetone+water, DMF+water, and methylene chloride+hexane were used, and the solubility of nifedipine decreased with increasing antisolvent concentrations in the mixtures. In case of acetone+water, the solubility maximum was observed due to the density anomaly of the mixture, and this phenomenon was not observed in other systems. The crystallized nifedipine particles exhibited the bladed, equant, and prismatic habits, and the particles size was significantly reduced compared to the raw material. The average particle size of raw nifedipine was $337{\mu}m$, and the size of crystallized particles was in the range of $11.6{\sim}69.8{\mu}m$. All the crystallized nifedipine particles had the same thermal behavior and this result was not influenced by the change of solvent and antisolvent.