A Study on the Improvement of Air Vehicle Test Equipment(AVTE) stop by UAV Engine noise

UAV 엔진 소음에 의한 비행체점검장비(AVTE) 정지 현상 개선방안 연구


In this era, intelligence is considered a major factor in the defense sector. As a result, securing technology for weapons systems for monitoring and reconnaissance of companies has become inevitable. As a result, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been developed and are actively operating around the world if the flight operation of manned aircraft is restricted, such as in environments that are too dangerous, messy or boring for the military to perform directly. The system of unmanned aerial vehicles, which has been researched and developed in Korea, includes Air Vehicle Test Equipment(AVTE). AVTE is equipment that is connected to an UAV to check its status and allows the operator to check its flightability by issuing an operational command to the UAV and verifying that it follows the command values. This study conducts fault finding on the phenomenon where the AVTE has stopped operating due to engine noise during these operations and analyzes the cause in terms of software, hardware and external environment. Present improvement measures according to the cause are analyzed and the results of verifying that the proposed measures can prevent failure are addressed.