Implementation of Extracting Specific Information by Sniffing Voice Packet in VoIP

Lee, Dong-Geon;Choi, WoongChul


VoIP technology has been widely used for exchanging voice or image data through IP networks. VoIP technology, often called Internet Telephony, sends and receives voice data over the RTP protocol during the session. However, there is an exposition risk in the voice data in VoIP using the RTP protocol, where the RTP protocol does not have a specification for encryption of the original data. We implement programs that can extract meaningful information from the user's dialogue. The meaningful information means the information that the program user wants to obtain. In order to do that, our implementation has two parts. One is the client part, which inputs the keyword of the information that the user wants to obtain, and the other is the server part, which sniffs and performs the speech recognition process. We use the Google Speech API from Google Cloud, which uses machine learning in the speech recognition process. Finally, we discuss the usability and the limitations of the implementation with the example.