Desktop-LED lighting for Eye Muscle Movement by Adjusting the Light Illuminance and Color Temperature

Kim, Byoung-Chul;Kim, Seon-Jong;Kim, Joo-Man


In this paper, we propose the design and implementation of a desktop LED stand and smart app that automatically adjusts color temperature and illuminance for optimal brightness and eye health by improving the structural problem of the LED stand. It is a tabletop LED stand that supports optimal brightness through color temperature control and heat transfer through infrared LED to relieve eye strain through blood circulation and muscle movement. The LED stand works with the smartphone to automatically adjust the optimal brightness and color temperature for the user's environment. In addition, the brightness of the infrared LED is adjusted to a living frequency of 4Hz to relax the eye muscles and reduce eye strain. This study implemented an effective measured data-based system of previous studies through the color temperature and illumination of LED lighting, and near-infrared rays, and presented meaningfulresults by conducting an experiment to prove the effect through subjects.