A Study on Face Recognition and Reliability Improvement Using Classification Analysis Technique

Kim, Seung-Jae


In this study, we try to find ways to recognize face recognition more stably and to improve the effectiveness and reliability of face recognition. In order to improve the face recognition rate, a lot of data must be used, but that does not necessarily mean that the recognition rate is improved. Another criterion for improving the recognition rate can be seen that the top/bottom of the recognition rate is determined depending on how accurately or precisely the degree of classification of the data to be used is made. There are various methods for classification analysis, but in this study, classification analysis is performed using a support vector machine (SVM). In this study, feature information is extracted using a normalized image with rotation information, and then projected onto the eigenspace to investigate the relationship between the feature values through the classification analysis of SVM. Verification through classification analysis can improve the effectiveness and reliability of various recognition fields such as objectrecognition as well asface recognition, and will be of great help in improving recognition rates.