Machine Learning-Based Programming Analysis Model Proposal : Based on User Behavioral Analysis

Jang, Seonghoon;Shin, Seung-Jung


The online education platform market is developing rapidly after the coronavirus infection-19 pandemic. As school classes at various levels are converted to non-face-to-face classes, interest in non-face-to-face online education is increasing more than ever. However, the majority of online platforms currently used are limited to the fragmentary functions of simply delivering images, voice and messages, and there are limitations to online hands-on training. Indeed, digital transformation is a traditional business method for increasing coding education and a corporate approach to service operation innovation strategy computing thinking power and platform model. There are many ways to evaluate a computer programmer's ability. Generally, piecemeal evaluation methods are used to evaluate results in time through coding tests. In this study, the purpose of this study is to propose a comprehensive evaluation of not only the results of writing, but also the execution process of the results, etc., and to evaluate the programmer's propensity habits based on the programmer's coding experience to evaluate the programmer's ability and productivity.