Best Practice on Software Traceability Environment based on PaaS Cloud Service

Jang, Woo Sung;Kim, Janghwan;Kim, R. Young Chul


In the software industry of Korean Small and Medium-sized Enterprise(SME)s, the development process is often not mature. This may lead to failures in quality control and output management. As a result, the quality of the software can be degraded. To solve the problem, the software visualization technique, which is from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency Software Engineering Center can be applied. We have experienced with mentoring not only the visualization of software development process, but also various visualization process of SMEs. However, the existing software visualization method was difficult to install environment and its time cost was high. This paper proposes a software visualization environment through a cloud service along with a case of building a software visualization environment. We expect that this method will make it easier to build a visualization environment and improve the quality of SME software.