Development of Gait Correction System for Real-Time Gait

Kim, Wonsun;Shin, Woojin;Kim, Hyunji;Yeom, Hojun


Walking is one of the most natural and repetitive actions we do in our daily lives. However, many modern people have problems with shoulders, back and spine due to incorrect walking habits. Therefore, it is becoming important to diagnose and correct wrong walking habits, for example, in-toeing, out-toeing, etc. early, which can be a precursorto various diseases. In thisstudy, we developed the system to diagnose and prevent incorrect gait by grasping and analyzing the angle and muscle activity of the foot according to the typical wrong gait type through MPU 6050 acceleration sensor and the surface EMG sensor. Through a smartphone, numerical and visualization screens based on walking can be used to represent the angle of the feet, real-time EMG values, and even the number of steps. The correction effect was enhanced by improving the cognitive ability through a system that allows individuals to easily diagnose gait through smart devices and improve them according to their own problems.