User Review Mining: An Approach for Software Requirements Evolution

Lee, Jee Young


As users of internet-based software applications increase, functional and non-functional problems for software applications are quickly exposed to user reviews. These user reviews are an important source of information for software improvement. User review mining has become an important topic of intelligent software engineering. This study proposes a user review mining method for software improvement. User review data collected by crawling on the app review page is analyzed to check user satisfaction. It analyzes the sentiment of positive and negative that users feel with a machine learning method. And it analyzes user requirement issues through topic analysis based on structural topic modeling. The user review mining process proposed in this study conducted a case study with the a non-face-to-face video conferencing app. Software improvement through user review mining contributes to the user lock-in effect and extending the life cycle of the software. The results of this study will contribute to providing insight on improvement not only for developers, but also for service operators and marketing.