Implementation of Intelligent Electronic Acupuncture Needles Based on Bluetooth

Han, Chang Pyoung;Hong, You Sik


In this paper, we present electronic acupuncture needles we have developed using intelligence technology based on Bluetooth in order to allow anyone to simply receive customized remote diagnosis and treatment by clicking on the menu of the smartphone regardless of time and place. In order to determine the health condition and disease of patients, we have developed a software and a hardware of electronic acupuncture needles, operating on Bluetooth which transmits biometric data to oriental medical doctors using the functions of automatically determining pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and oxygen saturation; the functions are most commonly used in herbal treatment. In addition, using fuzzy logic and reasoning based on smartphones, we present in this paper an algorithm and the results of completion of hardware implementation for electronic acupuncture needles, appropriate for the body conditions of patients; the algorithm and the hardware implementation are for a treatment time duration by electronic acupuncture needles, an automatic determinations of pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and oxygen saturation, a function implementation for automatic display of acupuncture point, and a strength adjustment of electronic acupuncture needles. As a result of our simulation, we have shown that the treatment of patients, performed using an Electronic Acupuncture Needles based on intelligence, is more efficient compared to the treatment that was performed before.