A Qualitative Inquiry on Group Music and Imagery Experiences

그룹 음악과 심상 경험에 대한 질적 사례연구

Kim, Aimee Jeehae


This study aimed to investigate music and imagery (MI) experiences in group settings using a qualitative case study approach. For this purpose, a focus group interview was conducted with four professional music therapists, who participated in peer MI group sessions without a therapist. Data collected from the interview were analyzed by qualitative data analysis procedures. Results demonstrated that successful group music experiences in the early stages, such as sharing and selecting music together within the group or experiencing group support, leaded to developing trust towards music and the group in participants. Moreover, the trust built upon such basis was shown to facilitate expansions in emotional experiences, imageries, relational aspects, and music resources, which led to new personal insights. In addition, the participants recognized the supportive nature of the group played a role of encouraging participants to challenge new experiences during MI experiences. The results suggest that group as a therapeutic factor can promote expansive emotional experiences and insights. Furthermore, the findings may provide implications for music psychotherapy applications in group settings.