Social-emotional Learning-Based Music Program Development for Social Inclusion of Children With and Without Disabilities

장애-비장애 아동의 사회적 통합을 위한 사회정서학습(SEL) 기반 음악활동 프로그램 개발

Kim, Eunae

  • Received : 2020.10.16
  • Accepted : 2020.11.23
  • Published : 2020.11.30


The purpose of this study was to develop and validate the music program based on social-emotional learning (SEL) to facilitate social inclusion between children with and without disabilities studying together in inclusive classes. For program development, the literature on social inclusion programs and SEL programs were analyzed. Program components were extracted from the literature review and based on the review activities were also selected. The participants were fifth- and sixth-grade elementary school students, including children with intellectual disabilities, and the program was implemented over 12 sessions during the students' creative experiential activity class. The validity of the program was evaluated by teachers and the specified program contents were modified and finalized reflecting the professionals' recommendations. This study supports that SEL-based music program can be effectively applied to inclusive education. The developed music program is also expected to improve the social and emotional capacity of children in inclusive classrooms and to increase the social inclusion between children with and without disabilities.