Case Study of Supportive Music Imagery for Enhancing Self-Worth

지지적 음악심상(SMI)기법을 통한 내담자의 자기가치감 증진에 대한 사례연구

Park, Jieun


As a case study of the application of supportive music and imagery (SMI), this study examined the impact of SMI in helping clients establish greater self-worth. Sense of self-worth was defined as trust and respect for the self as evidenced by understanding of one's individuality and uniqueness. Participants in the study were two adults in need of help with psychological challenges arising from low self-worth. Each of them participated in SMI sessions once a week, for a total of 6 weeks. Participants' statements on the imagery drawn by them during SMI sessions were analyzed in relation to components of the sense of self-worth. The results of this study showed that SMI sessions helped both clients recognize their internal resources and gaining insight into the value of their internal resources increased their evaluation of their own self-worth. Specific factors of SMI sessions that impacted the clients' self-worth and suggestions for future studies are also discussed.