Quality of Experience Experiment Method and Statistical Analysis for 360-degree Video with Sensory Effect

Jin, Hoe-Yong;Kim, Sang-Kyun


This paper proposes an experimental method for measuring the quality of experience to measure the influence of the participants' immersion, satisfaction, and presence according to the application of sensory effects to 360-degree video. Participants of the experiment watch 360-degree videos using HMD and receive sensory effects using scent diffusing devices and wind devices. Subsequently, a questionnaire was conducted on the degree of immersion, satisfaction, and present feelings for the video you watched. By analyzing the correlation of the survey results, we found that the provision of sensory effects satisfies the 360-degree video viewing, and the experimental method was appropriate. In addition, using the P.910 method, a result was derived that was not suitable for measuring the quality of the immersion and presence of 360-degree video according to the provision of sensory effects.