Delayed offloading scheme for IoT tasks considering opportunistic fog computing environment

기회적 포그 컴퓨팅 환경을 고려한 IoT 테스크의 지연된 오프로딩 제공 방안

Kyung, Yeunwoong


According to the various IoT(Internet of Things) services, there have been lots of task offloading researches for IoT devices. Since there are service response delay and core network load issues in conventional cloud computing based offloadings, fog computing based offloading has been focused whose location is close to the IoT devices. However, even in the fog computing architecture, the load can be concentrated on the for computing node when the number of requests increase. To solve this problem, the opportunistic fog computing concept which offloads task to available computing resources such as cars and drones is introduced. In previous fog and opportunistic fog node researches, the offloading is performed immediately whenever the service request occurs. This means that the service requests can be offloaded to the opportunistic fog nodes only while they are available. However, if the service response delay requirement is satisfied, there is no need to offload the request immediately. In addition, the load can be distributed by making the best use of the opportunistic fog nodes. Therefore, this paper proposes a delayed offloading scheme to satisfy the response delay requirements and offload the request to the opportunistic fog nodes as efficiently as possible.