A Design on The Zone Master Platform based on IIoT communication for Smart Factory Digital Twin

스마트 팩토리 디지털 트윈(Digital Twin)을 위한 IIoT 통신 기반 ZMP(Zone Master Platform) 설계

Park, Seon-Hui;Bae, Jong-Hwan


This paper creates a standard node for acquiring sensor data from various industrial sensors (IoT/non-IoT) for the establishment of Smart Factory Digital Twin, and provides inter-compatible data by linking zones by group/process to secure data stability and to ensure the digital twin (Digital Twin) of Smart Factory. The process of the Zone Master platform contains interface specifications to define sensor objects and how sensor interactions between independent systems are performed and carries out individual policies for unique data exchange rules. The interface for execution control of the Zone Master Platform processor provides system management, declaration management for public-subscribe, object management for registering and communicating status information of sensor objects, ownership management for property ownership sharing, time management for data synchronization, and data distribution management for Route information on data exchange.