Mitigate the Relational Aggressive Attitude of the Elderly through the Convergence Program of Tea Culture Treatment Program : For the elderly women who use the Senior Citizen's Day Care Center

차문화치료 융합프로그램을 통한 노인의 관계적 공격성 완화 : 노인주간보호센터 이용 여성노인들을 대상으로

Kim, In-Sook


In order to verify the effectiveness of the tea culture treatment program to mitigate the relative aggressiveness, the research will target 10 women aged 70 or older who use the P City-based Senior Citizens' Day Care Center to apply the tea culture treatment program to alleviate the relative aggressiveness of the elderly and examine its effects. As a result of the analysis, the score of reactive relational aggressiveness and leading relational aggression is 0.21 lower than the pre-exam average, indicating that the leading relational aggression of the elderly who participated in the tea culture therapy program is reduced than before the program. Based on these analysis results, practical suggestions were made for alleviating aggression among senior citizens using the Center for the Elderly.