Research on Efficient Smart Factory Promotion System in IoT Environment

사물인터넷 환경에서의 효율적인 스마트 공장 추진 체계 연구

Lee, Dong-Woo;Cho, Kwangmoon;Lee, Seong-Hoon


Recently, many difficulties have been faced in all parts of the world due to the impact of COVID-19. Personally, household income is decreasing sharply as many jobs disappear, and economically, many SMEs are increasingly going bankrupt. It is known that this phenomenon is highly likely to continue for the time being. In such a situation, the smart factory support project provides opportunities for difficult SMEs to improve productivity and change the corporate structure. In this study, the current status of smart factory promotion was examined, and problems occurring in the process of promoting smart factory support projects were identified. The improvement plans were derived so that more efficient projects could be promoted in the future.