Systems of thought in Modern Architecture: Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand and International style

근대 건축의 사고체계: 장-니콜라-루이 뒤랑과 국제 양식

  • Received : 2019.08.26
  • Accepted : 2019.10.07
  • Published : 2019.10.31


The purpose of this study is to establish the relationship between Durand's architectural theory which provided reasonable architectural logic in the early 19th century, and architectural logic of the Modern Movement of Architecture led by avant-garde architects in the 1920's. The system of thought in architecture proposed by Durand which clarified a architectural design method(composition) is very similar to the one of the International Style(Book), which summarizes commonalities in the flow of modern architecture. This approach has something in common from the perspective of the systems of thought, despite differences in external forms and time gaps. Therefore, this study intends to examine the systems of thought in three ways. It is to examine how the two systems of thought define architecture, what is the logic of building production, and finally the value of architecture (including aesthetic values) while eliminating classical aesthetics.


Supported by : 경남대학교


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