Preparation of PEBAX-5513/Ag Nanoparticles/7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane Composites for Olefin Separation and Analysis of Anions

올레핀 분리용 PEBAX-5513/Ag Nanoparticles/7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane 복합체 제조 및 음이온 효과 분석

  • Received : 2019.10.16
  • Accepted : 2019.10.25
  • Published : 2019.10.31


Facilitated transport membranes using silver nanoparticles as carriers for olefin/paraffin separation have been interested. $AgBF_4$ has been used as a precursor of silver nanoparticles in previous studies. However, relatively expensive $AgBF_4$ is not suitable for commercialization, and thus, PEBAX-5513/AgNPs (precursor: $AgClO_4$)/7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) composite membranes were prepared using silver nanopaticles with relatively inexpensive $AgClO_4$ precursors. Composite membranes of various compositions were prepared for PEBAX-5513/AgNPs/TCNQ composites, but no separation performance was observed. As a result of FT-IR analysis, it was confirmed that silver nanoparticles were formed in the PEBAX-5513 polymer and the surface of Ag nanoparticles was polarized by TCNQ, but the formed silver nanoparticles were not stabilized. From these results, it was concluded that the anion of the precursor plays an important role in the olefin/paraffin separation.


Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)


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