Development of Rainfall Estimation Technology in the Korean Peninsula in the Event of Heavy Rain using COMS and GPM Satellites

천리안 위성과 GPM 위성을 활용한 한반도 호우사상 강우추정 기술 개발

Cheon, Eun Ji;Lee, Dalgeun;Yu, Jung Hum

  • Received : 2019.10.02
  • Accepted : 2019.10.22
  • Published : 2019.10.31


The COMS satellites take image of the Korean Peninsula every 15 minutes, but due to the limitations of the observational channels, they tend to underestimate when estimating rainfall. In this study, we developed satellite-based rainfall estimation technology using COMS and GPM that can be used in the heavy rain on the Korean Peninsula. The time resolution and spatial resolution of COMS satellites and GPM satellites were matched to improve accuracy using GPM IMERG data. As a result, it showed that the number of correlations with the ASOS observations was more than 0.7, enabling the estimation of rainfalls that are more accurate than the estimates of rainfall by COMS satellites. It is believed that the application of the subsequent satellite(GK-2A) will provide more accurate rainfall estimation information in the future. Therefore, we expect greater utilization in disaster management for the ungauged areas.


COMS;GPM;Rainfall Intensity;Satellite;ungauged areas;heavy rain


Grant : 위성자료 활용 현업지원 기술개발

Supported by : 국립재난안전연구원