National Disaster Scientific Investigation and Disaster Monitoring using Remote Sensing and Geo-information

원격탐사와 공간정보를 활용한 국가 재난원인 과학조사 및 재난 모니터링

Kim, Seongsam;Kim, Jinyoung;Kim, Jinsoo

  • Received : 2019.10.25
  • Accepted : 2019.10.26
  • Published : 2019.10.31


High-resolution satellites capable of observing the Earth periodically enhance applicability of remote sensing in the field of national disaster management from national disaster pre-monitoring to rapid recovery planning. The National Disaster Management Research Institute (NDMI) has been developed various satellite-based disaster management technologies and applied to disaster site operations related to typhoons and storms, droughts, heavy snowfall, ground displacement, heat wave, and heavy rainfall. Although the limitation of timely imaging of satellite is a challenging issue in emergent disaster situation, it can be solved through international cooperation to cope with global disasters led by domestic and international space development agencies and disaster organizations. This article of special issue deals with the scientific disaster management technologies using remote sensing and advanced equipments of NDMI in order to detect and monitor national disasters occurred by global abnormal climate change around the Korean Peninsula: satellite-based disaster monitoring technologies which can detect and monitor disaster in early stage and advanced investigation equipments which can collect high-quality geo-information data at disaster site.


Satellite Imagery Data;Remote Sensing;Disaster Management;Geo-information


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